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10 Dating tips


Create a real profile and fill the description

The first step that you have to take to join gaydatinggay.com is to register and create a real profile of yourself. Think of all the great things that define you and write them down, but keep it short because long profiles don’t fare well.


Upload pictures

Upload as many pictures as you consider representative for defining who you are and what you like. Keep uploading pictures along the way to keep people up to date with your activities and interests.


Edit your status

Update your first status to let everybody know that you have joined gaydatinggay.com. Your status will be seen by all the other members on the homepage news feed. Keep updating your status every day to get people more interested in you and your activity.


Start your research

Start searching for possible dates by checking out the online list or by using the provided search tools. Use the setup engines to ease your search and make it more accurate, in accordance with your interests.


Be nice and polite

Avoid hateful attitudes towards people or situation that you don’t agree with. Instead try to ignore them and focus only on the things that you like. Always use polite language and keep a decent behaviour, just as you would expect from the others in return.


Establish contact

Get easily in contact with as many people as you want because gaydatinggay.com offers you several possibilities to approach anyone you like. You can like pictures, wink, fill in quizzes and invite people to take yours, send private messages or chat online.


Send gifts

Start sending gifts to show your interest and express your feelings and desires more easily. You can send a Flower For a nice gesture, a Drink in two For a romantic touch, and many other gifts to show emotions like sympathy, affection or attraction.


Give love a change

Be open and give a chance to anyone who contacts you. Don’t judge by appearances before you actually get to know a person. Take time and have enough patience to discover people for whom they are and love might strike from the unexpected.



Use the chat app to make your conversation more real and to turn your contact into a true connection by keeping in permanent touch. Get to see and speak to the actual person behind the profile to find out if you are really compatible.


Find your match

Make the next step into your search for the perfect match and meet up in real person with the anyone you like. Take your relationship further and discover if the person you like is the real love of your life.

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